Thinking Out Loud

Taking Time for Reflection

Because I have such a strong interpersonal component to my communication style, thinking out loud frequently, I have to remind myself to take time for reflection (intrapersonal). Those of us who are strongly interpersonal often need to seek this kind of balance. Engaging with others to sort out thoughts and feelings and benefiting from the collective feels natural and is easy, yet balance is important and taking time for personal reflection really does pay off. Read More

Grounded in the Body

Carl is 41 and works as a project manager for a construction company. He’s a hands-on guy who likes his work and likes to play. He surfs, skis, hikes, enjoys good wine and sings in two different groups. His core processing strengths are intrapersonal, kinesthetic, and visual-spatial. Of course he has his own unique incorporation of these attributes forming the foundation of his processing/communication style. Read More

It’s Different For Each of Us

I had a conversation with a friend recently about watching professional baseball games. My friend, Lou, said “I can’t stand all the spitting. That’s all I see is constant spitting. Doesn’t that bother you?” My answer was simple, “No.” Read More

A Few Small Adjustments

Robin has a small landscape design firm with three employees. Barry, the oldest of the three has ten years experience, is very talented, and wants to buy the business from Robin, who is getting close to retirement. The other two employees are younger and in the novice phase of their careers. Read More