Interpersonal Communication Consultant. Problem-Solver.

Bob Keteyian lives and works on the coast of Maine. For 30 years he’s been helping businesses, organizations, and families develop effective communication practices. With the publication of his book, Do You Know What I Mean? Discovering Your Personal Communication Style, Bob pioneered an innovative approach, supported by recent research, in the field of interpersonal communication.

Bob consults on leadership communication, interpersonal problem-solving, and team-building applying the Communication Styles Framework. The process of decoding individual communication styles is liberating and empowering, and it has durable impact. When you understand your core strengths, new skills take hold, confidence increases, and relationships improve. A few of the practical applications include:

  • Having important conversations
  • Team development
  • Interpersonal problem-solving
  • Focusing professional development conversations
  • Aligning leadership and communication styles
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Defining natural talents for highest and best use

Contact Bob to learn more about the Communication Styles Framework and Bob’s consulting and communication coaching services.