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Communication Styles Consultation for Individuals & Couples

Define the core components of your communication style and design specific problem-solving structures to improve communication and intimacy. Participate in three educational sessions—adapted for individuals or couples—to gain specific insights about yourself and your partner, and develop communication tools tailored to the relationship.

This program is designed in three phases, outlined below, and is supported by my book, Do You Know What I Mean? Discovering Your Personal Communication Style, along with the Communication Styles Workbook. You can sign up for all three phases or one session at a time, depending on your interest and needs. I’ll send you a copy of the book and workbook prior to our first discussion.

Phase 1: During this session we’ll discuss your core processing strengths and how they define your personal communication styles. We’ll also develop some specific communication strategies best suited to your styles.

Phase 2: At this stage, we’ll develop tools you can use to revisit important or difficult conversations. I’ll be available via email prior to our Phase 2 discussion for consult and to answer questions.

Phase 3: This follow-up session is scheduled three to six weeks after the Phase 2 consultation. It is designed to deepen understanding, refine communication tools, and problem-solve to ensure your on-going use of the Communication Styles Framework.

To get started, give me a call at 207-667-7735 or email

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