“Buy this book. Give a copy to your kids, your co-workers.
It might save your family and your job.” -KL

“Truly Enlightening!!!” -LW
“This book will unlock the door of frustration,
and assist you with communicating with ANYONE!” -Barb


Though the ideas in this book are straightforward and practical, their application has profound impact. Do You Know What I Mean? Discovering Your Personal Communication Style takes you on a journey that will change your relational world. You will come to understand your own needs better and develop more patience and skill listening to others.

Part One clearly defines the seven communication components—the ingredients of your style. A chapter is devoted to each component and includes a discussion of its inherent strengths and challenges, along with activities for skill development. Real-life stories, drawn from Bob’s consulting and training experience, illustrate individual communication styles and explore scenarios such as colleagues needing greater collaboration, couples trying to connect, and parents managing complex behaviors in their children. Throughout Part One, tips and guidelines offer focused ways to listen and ask clarifying questions.

Part Two, the workbook, follows the well-honed method Bob has developed and taught over many years: the Communication Styles Framework. Eight structured activities help you discover your personal communication style, how it can get you into trouble, and the tools you need to enhance communication success. Click here for the communication inventory.

Finally, the Appendix, titled “Basic and Necessary Communication Skills” is full of gems such as “Repairing Broken Communication” and offers tools such as an eight-step problem-solving process.

Background Theory & Research – For over 30 years, Robert Keteyian has been teaching, consulting, and counseling using the Communication Styles Framework. His focused approach relies on the inherent learning style of each individual and is naturally validating. Each of us is unique and therefore has a unique communication style, which is related to our learning style. Click here to read the book excerpt, “Why Communication Styles Matter” and learn more about the relationship between learning styles and communication styles. You may also want to delve into recent research that validates the connection between learning styles theory and the communication styles approach.
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