Thinking Out Loud

Do You Have To Do That?

Geraldine gets annoyed with Joseph because he narrates what he’s doing or about to do. For example, if he says, “I’m going to the kitchen and get some crackers,” Geraldine might respond, “Why do you need to tell me that? Are you looking for permission or do you think it’s of interest to me?” “Oh, I don’t know,” he says. . . . They’ve had this conversation many times and Joseph feels like he’s doing something wrong, but he’s always done this. So why does he announce what’s he’s doing? Read More

Following the Beat

Many years ago when I was first discovering the value of learning styles, I became keenly aware of my auditory sense. For me, hearing is the gateway to understanding. I easily hear emotion in sound, whether it is words or music (other sounds, too). Therefore, talking on the phone is easy for me. I like it. I don’t feel cut off from information the way those who are more strongly visual do. It is my most reliable sense. I trust it. Read More

He Tells Stories, She Doesn’t

Willie is a story teller. If you ask him a question, even a simple question, you are likely to get a story. It drives Ellen crazy. “Why can’t he just give a simple answer to a simple question?” she says with exasperation. “If he asks me a direct question, I give a direct answer—yes or no.” Read More