Thinking Out Loud

Leadership Challenge–Acting Normal

Many (most?) of the books and articles written about how to be a good leader concentrate on some aspect of vulnerability — what it is and what it isn’t. Much of it encourages us to simply be more open with those we work with, to trust and share power. Here I want to talk about our humanity, not pretending that because we have attained a leadership position we have it all figured out: that we have all the answers and all the confidence. The truth is, we do not check our humanity at the door when we assume a position of leadership.  Read More


Lloyd is CEO of a small manufacturing company. He’s a master at figuring out systems to organize efficient processes. He loves the challenge—deciding on the best outcome and then analyzing tasks to achieve the goal. The employees respect Lloyd’s knowledge and intelligence, his work ethic, and commitment to the employees and the company. Read More

Multiplier or Diminisher?

Praise in the Workplace

Joshua owns and runs a small business with fifteen employees. He enjoys managing and takes pride in his ability to work with others. Delegating, in particular, is important to his philosophy of running the business. He wants others to take initiative, responsibility, and feel empowered on the job. So, he tries to be clear about his expectations but also encourages employees to take some risks and not be afraid to make mistakes. Read More