Thinking Out Loud

How Does Your Voice Sound…to others?

Tone of voice affects all of us, perhaps more so to those of us with greater auditory sensitivity. The auditory component of our communication style is tricky because how we hear our voice is not how others hear it. For one thing, it literally sounds different: We hear the sound internally, through  tissues and bone. We also know how we feel when we express ourselves and the intention behind the words.  Read More

Beth C. Wright Center–Annual Conference Keynote

The Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center, serving Hancock and Washington Counties in Maine, will be hosting their annual conference on November 6th in Bar Harbor.  I’ll be giving the keynote address to kick-off a day of workshops. My focus is on relationship building as a part of wellness.  We know how important interpersonal relationships are to our sense of well-being, and there it’s a wellness issue.

The BCW Center is well established, offering a wide range of services to individuals and families, with a robust, enthusiastic, and caring group of volunteers.  They provide information, support, and advocacy services. Those who get help from these good folks are always grateful.