Thinking Out Loud

Acceptance and Paradox

Ancient and modern teachings about life and humanity emphasize acceptance as something to (continually) strive for. Acceptance is a broad topic, and here I am talking about self-acceptance, accepting others as they are, and accepting the unexpected because we can’t predict the future. Of course all of these are a part of being present in the moment—something else we strive for.  Read More

Maine Association of Mediators

I’ll be presenting a workshop (Understanding Communication Styles: Key to collaboration and problem-solving) at a conference for the Maine Association of Mediators (click here) on June 4th in Augusta, Maine at the Maine Holocaust and Human Rights Center.  Mediators serve an important function in a wide range of situations, including family law and conflict resolution in the workplace.  I’ve worked closely with numerous mediators over many years and have great respect for the important work they do.