Thinking Out Loud

Communication Styles In The Workplace

Lunch & Learn at the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development.  I’ll be teaching a workshop (click here) on “Communication Styles In The Workplace.”  We’ll be at the University of Southern Maine campus, July 17th, where the technology will allow us to share the workshop experience in real time at other UMaine campuses.

Learn about team collaboration and creativity through the Communication Styles Framework.


Losing My Childhood

Donna was feeling bogged down by her lack of organization, as she put it. “I have so much stuff in my life (things!) that I can’t seem to organize, and it feels like it holds me back.” This is surely a common complaint and frustration for many people. From the outside, it seems like an easy problem to solve: devote small amounts of time regularly, sort items in boxes, and handle disposing of or packing for storing the easy stuff first. Donna, of course, knew that drill and had tried it many times without success. She had just turned fifty and wanted to “put her house in order,” literally and figuratively, but she was frustrated and discouraged. Read More