Thinking Out Loud

You’re In My Space

Julian is a high energy guy who speaks quickly because he has so many thoughts occurring simultaneously. He is also quick to react emotionally in highly charged situations, no matter whether what is happening is good or bad. In his role as an EMT (emergency medical technician), Julian stays very focused—calm yet intense—and draws on deep knowledge and experience in emergencies. He is admired for his knowledge and ability to respond effectively in very complex situations, and his co-workers learn a lot from Julian, although sometimes feel intimidated by his intensity when he speaks to them. Read More

Communication Styles in Counseling

Friday, May 3rd I’ll be in Waterville, Maine presenting a day long workshop for counselors, sponsored by Chandler Bay Resources.  Chandler Bay Resources provides high quality educational experiences for mental health professionals.

How clients learn and process information is central to how they grow and change.  This experiential workshop will help counselors understand the natural language of the client and the tools best suited to guide the client in the counseling process.

To learn more about this program, click here.