Thinking Out Loud

Wait…What Are You Talking About?

Laura walked up to Carrie and began talking about something as if they had been interrupted a few minutes earlier and were simply continuing the conversation. In fact, it was the first time they had seen each other at work that day, so Carrie had no idea what Laura was referring to. Read More


Judy got promoted at the radio station where she works. Because she learns quickly, has a good work ethic and has good rapport with her co-workers the promotion seemed natural. Virtually everyone thought it was a good move. Judy, of course, felt a little in over her head but was confident that she could learn to be a good manager. Read More

“In An HR Minute”

May 8, 2012—Rockport, Maine

Maine HR Convention, Pre-convention workshop: Decoding Communication Styles— Key to Collaboration.

This is the second year I’ll be presenting at the Maine HR Convention. World class keynotes, practical/compelling workshops, engaged participants. A lot of learning and a lot of fun. I was delighted and fortunate to be asked back after my presentation last year.

To learn more about the conference and the State HR organization click here.