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Project Happily Ever After

I’ve been following Alisa Bowman’s blog,, for several months. A couple who came to see me at a very low point in their marriage told me about the site. Between our first and second sessions, they “googled” their problem and Project Happily Ever After appeared in the search. After exploring the site, their comment to me went something like this: “She’s writing about exactly what we’re going through.”

The advice and discussion at Project Happily Ever After gave this couple renewed hope and more resources.

Alisa and I have had some correspondence during the past few months. She reviewed my book, asked me to weigh in on the topic of stonewalling in relationships for a blog post, and wrote about the value of the communication styles framework—giving an excellent summary, as well as discussing the impact it’s had on her relational world (posted this past week: 7/23/10).

There is so much self-help information available on the web, as we all know. Finding practical and useful resources isn’t always easy. However, Alisa writes about real and relevant issues in an honest, straightforward way. She’s not afraid to talk about the hard stuff, doing so with good information, humility and a sense of humor.

Alisa is also writing a book, Project Happily Ever After, which will be published in December. Look for it—it promises to be helpful, interesting, and inspiring.

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