Thinking Out Loud

Communication Styles in the Workplace–A Workshop

On Thursday, May 19th, I’ll be in Lewiston, Maine conducting a workshop for the Maine Association of Nonprofits. This is a terrific organization, providing a wide range of resources to the non-profit community.  One of their primary objectives is to bring better business practices to non-profits, without losing the essence of who they are and what they do.  Maine has a very large non-profit sector.  The following gives an overview of what I’ll be offering.


Collaboration, creativity, and communication are necessary ingredients in a highly productive and harmonious work environment. The Communication Styles Framework developed by Robert V. Keteyian offers a structure to identify strengths and challenges, as well as a pathway to problem-solving and team-building.

You Will:

  • Discover your communication style strengths
  • Identify how those strengths can serve as obstacles
  • Develop specific tools to achieve understanding
  • Discover new pathways to collaboration