Thinking Out Loud

Aligning Leadership & Communication Styles

Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development offers a range of programs for businesses and entrepreneurs.  Their Top Gun Program is top flight, offering knowledge, insight, and resources to get business ideas focused and launched.

I’ll be offering a program (click here) to leaders through MCED on  October 10th, “Aligning Leadership & Communication Styles.” The goal of this workshop is to help leaders work more skillfully with their communication style strengths and challenges, recognizing the impact they have on others and developing tools best suited to their goals.

Fundamental Skills

It’s past time to rename “soft skills.” Soft skills, as we all know, are people skills: getting along, communicating well, exhibiting interpersonal finesse.  Calling them soft skills has been a way of differentiating them from hard skills, although no one really uses that term. Hard skills are those associated with numbers: quantitative analysis, efficiency and making hard decisions “based on the numbers,” while you set aside your feelings. Read More